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Fable for Microsoft Xbox offers gamers a character whose actions, for good or ill, have consequences. The Xbox videogame confronts players with a steady stream of moral choices. Players can opt to be upstanding, noble heroes or the kind of villains who murder peasants and kick chickens for fun. Play as a hero and villagers cheer when the character enters town. Play as a villain and city guards attack on sight while small children run in fear. The player character's appearance also changes based on his moral choices. Heroes acquire an angel-like glow while villains become twisted, horn-growing horrors. Graphically, Fable for Microsoft Xbox has a detailed, slightly cartoony appearance that works well on the Microsoft Xbox. While the main character remains silent throughout the game, excellent voice acting brings non-player characters to life. The main storyline is a simple tale of revenge and honor won (or lost) during the quest for the man who destroyed the hero's life. Combat mechanics are easy to master in Fable. Microsoft created a detailed progression system that will satisfy experienced Xbox videogame fans, while a helpful tutorial system eases new players into the leveling system. Side quests and collectibles add to the gameplay of Fable. Microsoft made much of Fable as a groundbreaking videogame, and while the game has some rough spots, Fable for Microsoft Xbox provides an enjoyable romp through a well-designed fantasy world.
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